UTI Symptoms Came Back

Looks like my combination of things didn’t work perfectly. At around 4pm yesterday I started getting a pain down there, and when I peed, it hurt at the beginning. I decided to go ahead and take the Ciprofloxacin. Sometimes UTI symptoms can disappear, but the infection is still there. I didn’t want to risk the infection spreading. The last thing I want is a kidney infection. I’m just hoping I don’t get a yeast infection thanks to the antibiotics. This just goes to show that fighting recurring yeast infections and urinary tract infections is indeed an on going journey. A frustrating journey for sure but one I will continue on. What have I learned from this UTI episode? Maybe I shouldn’t have rough sex towards the end of my period. I usually don’t have sex until my period is completely over, mostly because it’s irritated down there and I feel I might get a yeast infection if I have sex at that particular time. This time though, everything felt great down there and I was crediting it to my ban of artificial sweeteners in my diet.

This oh so annoying UTI episode also shows me that it is indeed a combination of things that keep the infections at bay. A good diet isn’t enough for me; I have to do all the other little things in perfect unison to keep the infections away. I do feel much better this morning. There is no pain at all when I pee. I think I will take one Ciprofloxacin pill this morning in addition to my normal pill routine of TheraCran and Azo Yeast and then that will be it for me. As far as the yeast infection, well I don’t have one yet. I’m taking 3 Azo Yeast pills a day this week because I feel a little irritated down there, but nothing that isn’t normal the week after my period. There goes my little experiment with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. I don’t know if eliminating them from my diet helped the irritation the week after my period or not because the irritation I’m feeling could be from the antibiotics. I’m still going to meet my two week goal of not having them in my diet.