The Wonders of a Bidet

Until this week, I had never used a bidet. I wasn’t even really quite sure exactly what one was or how to use it prior to this week. All I knew is they some how sprayed your genitals off, and French people used them in the place of toilet paper. This week, I took an overnight trip and found out before I left that the place where I was staying had a bidet.  I decided to do a little research to make sure I didn’t make a fool out of myself or cause injury when I tried to use it. I was kind of excited because I’m always looking for better, more efficient ways of cleaning down there. Through research I discovered not everyone uses them in the place of toilet paper. Many people use them in addition to toilet paper. Some people use the bathroom, use the bidet, then use toilet paper and also use it for daily cleaning of the genitals. Some people use the bathroom, use toilet paper, and then use the bidet, and also use it for daily cleaning, and others just use it for daily cleaning of the genitals and use toilet paper regularly. It sounds confusing, but once you’ve used one, you’ll understand.

There are several different styles/types of bidets. Some bidets are free standing. To someone who isn’t familiar with a bidet, they may mistaken it for a toilet or urinal (I most certainly did when I first saw a picture). Most people straddle the free standing bidet facing the water controls. Usually there is a hot and cold water control and also a knob/control that adjusts the pressure of the water spout. Depending on the bidet, there may be a spout that shoots water up or there may be a spout like a there is on a sink.

The bidet I used was free standing with a spout that shoots the water up. I straddled the bidet, making sure my genital area was on top of the spout, so I wouldn’t get shot in the face with water. Then I turned on the water and adjusted the water to a comfortable temperature. Once I was satisfied with the temperature, I very slowly turned the knob to adjusts the pressure of the water spout until I felt the water spraying me down there. Once I felt like my vagina was clean, I slid up slightly to clean my rear. It was great! Much easier than trying to clean in the shower. Even with my detachable shower head, I usually still have to prop my leg up on something, which can be tricky to do. Once I was done, I blow dried her off (as I usually do after rinsing down there). I felt so clean. I read about some bidets that actually have a blow drying mechanism build into them! That would be great to have one of those.

Bidets can help prevent Urinary Tract Infections and Yeast Infections by more effectively cleaning the genital area. (Many sites discussing bidets, list this as one of the benefits of a bidet.) Being clean down there, as I mentioned in a previous blog post, can help keep bacteria away from the vagina. With the bidet, it’s so much easier to clean up before and after sex, and it’s also great if you don’t shower every single day. I know that sounds dirty, but lets face it, there are some days when we’re sick or just lazy and don’t feel like taking a shower. I always rinse off down there after sex, but I rarely do it before. I think if I had a bidet in my own home I would do it before as well, and my husband would probably use it too. Rinsing off before helps get rid of bacteria the penis may push into the vagina. Right now, it’s just too much work to get in the shower before sex, take the shower head down, squat/prop leg up, and then get out and dry half your body off because your legs and feet are wet too. A bidet would make things simpler, and I would use less water!

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no room in my bathroom for a free standing bidet. There are however some that can be attached to the toilet seat. I’m planning on doing a little more research and may possibly get one of those. I’ll let you know how that turns out, if I decide to get one.