Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray

Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture. It can be sprayed on undergarments, pantyhose, and pads/pantyliners as well. The spray comes in a couple of different scents, tropical rain, island splash, baby powder, and ultra extra strength. I began using this spray because I remembered my mother using it during her period when I was a child. No matter what scent you buy, Summer’s Eve has a very distinct smell. It sort of lingers in the air after you’ve sprayed it. I used it only during my period to spray a light mist on my pads and pantyliners each time I put a new one on. I wanted to smell as fresh as I possibly could during my period. I didn’t seem to have much of a problem using the spray in my teens. It did the trick as far as keeping me fresh down there.

Once I got older and into my 20s, I found I could no longer use the spray because it always seemed to cause a yeast infection. If you are prone to yeast infections, I would not recommend using this product. The spray can encourage your pH balance to be off. The vagina is a delicate part of your body as it is, and those who have an extra sensitive vagina should not use this. For those who are able to use it, Summer’s Eve products can be purchased at drugstores, grocery stores, and super stores. You can also find it online. It costs about $4-$5 for a 1.5 oz spray bottle and that will last a while.

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