Replens Review

Many things can cause vaginal dryness, such as: certain medications, menopause, stress, menstruation, childbirth, breastfeeding, use of tampons, and intercourse. Replens is designed to help restore the vagina’s natural moisture. It comes in a pre-filled applicator and lasts up to three days. It’s different from personal lubricants because it doesn’t have to be applied right before sex. Many women prefer to use Replens moisturizer at night before bed. The applicator is to be thrown away after you use it. The applicator should be opened with clean hands. Once the applicator is out of the package, give it a few firm shakes, holding it by the thicker end, to loosen up the gel inside the applicator. Then remove the cap on the thin end and insert the applicator into the vagina either lying with your legs up, or squatting while standing up. Only insert as far as it is comfortable. Next you give the thick end of the applicator a good squeeze to release the gel into the vagina. That’s it. Some gel may still remain in the applicator. It’s normal.  Just throw the applicator away and go to sleep. The instructions say you may experience dead skin cell discharge in the days following the application. It looks kind of like cottage cheese. This is supposed to go away with continued use.

Replens can be used every 2 to 3 days but shouldn’t be used during your period because it will cause the blood to clump together and just create a mess. It is best to resume using Replens a few days after your period has completely stopped. Replens does not contain any spermicides, therefore it isn’t a form of birth control. It is safe during oral sex. It can be purchased at most drugstores and also at Walmart and Target. Replens if fairly inexpensive. You get 8 applicators for about $17. You can also order it online from most drugstores and you can buy it directly from the Replens site as well.

Replens was recommended to me by my gyno. Having enough lubrication during sex can help prevent yeast infections as well as other types of vaginal infections, so I decided to give it a try. The lubrication was a little thick and not quite as slippery as I would have liked. It did not feel very natural to me. I used it every three days as directed. For the first few weeks I had the dead skin cell discharge. It’s thick and white and quite a nuisance. It came out in large amounts on my underwear as well as during sex. My husband and I had to go rinse off several times during sex because the white clumps were all over the place. I always had to wear a pantyliner during the day and change it several times to keep my underwear from getting messed up. After a few weeks the discharge was less, but still not completely gone. I also sometimes experienced an itching sensation right after insertion. I stopped using it because I found a product I liked better called RepHresh.

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