RepHresh Pro-B Review

Rephresh pro-b

If you’ve read my other blog posts, you’ll remember that I suffered from horrible discharge that nothing seemed to get rid of. I tried antibiotics, natural inserts and most recently RepHresh Pro-B pills. RepHresh is a highly debated brand when it comes to their inserts and pills; you either hate it or your love it. I’ve read other reviews before buying my own little bottle of Pro-B pills and many people seemed to swear by it and sing its praises. That’s probably why I ended up buying it – I felt that after wasting so much money on feminine hygiene products I had nothing to lose at this point. While some reviews were rather skeptical, a lot of them were actually positive.

I went to purchase a bottle of RepHresh Pro-B pills, filled with hope.

According to the website, “Pro-B is a breakthrough that balances yeast & bacteria to maintain feminine health.” Basically the pills help restore the good bacteria present in the vagina in order to get a balanced pH and good vaginal health. What’s not to love? Since I didn’t actually know what was wrong with me – my doctor had mentioned BV although antibiotics and over the counter BV treatments did nothing for me – I thought that the Pro-B pills would be ideal in curing whatever was wrong and restoring a normal balance down there. My discharge at that point was not foul smelling or anything, it was just thicker than ever before and was appearing more often than it should. I was really hoping those RepHresh pills would help me get rid of this and bring back my discharge to something normal.

So hop to the drugstore I went to purchase a bottle of RepHresh Pro-B pills, filled with hope.


The Pills

The bottle I purchased included 30 pills and at $30 a bottle, you really have to think it twice. This is more expensive than my birth control! The instructions mentioned to take one caplet everyday. So I did…for a while.


My Experience

I’ll be honest on this one; I didn’t really take one everyday for a month. I took a RepHresh Pro-B pill every day (almost…) for about 15 days. At that point, I was still on antibiotics from the doctor (a second round after my failed VH Essentials attempt) and I thought that if I combined antibiotics, which kill all bacteria, with the Pro-B pills to restore the good bacteria I’d have a winning combination. In those 15 days I didn’t notice any change. I thought I did, for a moment, but I think I wanted to believe it so bad that I just imagined an improvement. I somewhat forgot about the pills, since they didn’t seem to do much, and stopped taking them.

Maybe a month or two later – so very recently – I started taking them again. I took them for about 10 additional days, still without any improvement of my discharge problem. Now this problem has been present for almost eight months at this point, so I sort of learned to live with it and wasn’t too bummed about the failure of the Pro-B pills.


RepHresh Pro-B: The Verdict

I’m still partial to this one. Granted, the product didn’t really work for me. But I have to admit that I didn’t use it regularly for a whole month, so I don’t think I gave it a fair try. It also seems to work for some women, according to the almighty Internet, so maybe it works for some issues or some particular women. It just didn’t do what I wanted it to do. Then again, I have no official diagnosis of my discharge problem so maybe the RepHresh Pro-B pills are actually efficient for some issues, or in combination with other treatments and remedies.

IF it works for you, great! If not, well at least you know.

Since it doesn’t involve much to use this product (no nasty white clumps or anything else that could cause shame or discomfort) I would recommend it to others. IF it works for you, great! If not, well at least you know. If you’re like me, you absolutely need to know in case you’re passing up a great product – so even if someone had told me it didn’t work I probably would’ve bought it anyways.

Thankfully I found another little pill that has done wonders for me which I have discussed in my next acticle!

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  • Valencia

    I had chronic BV for years. Then I found the most simple solution and it’s 100% safe since your body creates hydrogen peroxide naturally. So the cure is just to douche with 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water.

    I prefer to lay on the ground in the bathroom or shower and let the fluid sit in your vagina for about 60 seconds or so, then give one or two quick flushes after and you are done. The peroxide kills both the good and bad bacteria in you vagina. So make sure you immediately follow the cleanse by taking Pro-B or BV Essentials probiotic pills. Either 3 pills orally or insert 1 pill vaginally.

    It doesn’t matter if you choose Pro-B or BV Essentials pills whichever you prefer. I have tried both multiple times. It doesn’t really matter. I personally use BV Essentials because they are 1/3 of the price. If you are inserting the pill into your vagina, I like to take one side of the clear caps off the pill before inserting it. This just helps to speed up the process of dissolving.

    PRO TIP: If you are going on a date or plan on having sex in the next few hours after you do this, go with the 3 oral pill method and I personally suggest you masterbate real quick to get the juices flowing immediately. You will be ready to rock and roll in the sack 5 minutes after this cleanse if you masterbate after. You can do this process as often as you need to. It could be once a day or once a week or once a month. Just whenever you get that not so fresh feeling. You will be cured in minutes. I recommend continuing with 1 BV Essentials or 1 Pro-B pill each day afterwards to maintain the results until your next cleanse.

    Enjoy! 🙂

  • Mary

    If you were taking antibiotics..
    You were actually suppose to be taking 2.. RepHresh capsules a day.. to balance out the antibiotics
    The directions are on the bottle
    Maybe worth another shot 🙂

  • Mike Harper

    Optimum vaginal health ensues when there’s a healthy microbial balance
    to support a healthy vagina.RepHresh Pro-B packs 30 capsules. The
    capsules help restore the healthy vaginal bacteria to obtain a balanced
    pH level –

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  • Elise

    Your problem was the antibiotics were giving you,thrush , you were taking antibiotics which kills good bacteria and then trying to restore it with the rephresh probiotic . The antibiotics were automatically cancelling out the probiotic lol your doctor is not so smart . Antibiotics are known to cause yeast infections. Try using the probiotic again once u stop antibiotics

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  • gwen

    I do believe bacteria had to do a lot with our body changing as well and we must remember our bodies don’t fight off infections as easy as we grow older

  • Daisy duke86

    Hello ladies. So I had BV for a year and it was to the point where my dr was suggesting that I take antibiotics for it once every other day for 6 months! She was hoping that if I had a steady flow of them in my system it would finally get rid of the problem. Well if you didn’t know it is possible to pass it on to your boyfriend. They can’t test him because there isn’t a text made for men but in the end what was happening was I’d take the antibiotics and then when it was gone have sex with my boyfriend and get it again. It was extremely frustrating! It wasn’t until I got pregnant with his kid and we stopped having sex that my body finally cleared it up. It was the 3rd month that we stopped with the sex and it may seemike a long time for most people but I think that maybe abstinence is what did it. My body needed time with NO foreign objects down there to get better. After having my son I started up on the PrBiotics after the dr confirmed it was gone. I only did them for one month but he’s almost 3 now and I haven’t had a relaps since. Oh it might also help that I haven’t been with my sons dad since we stopped sleeping together while I was pregnant.

  • Beesha

    Ive been thinking about that…ima try that to see if it helps


    LADIES, I SUFFERED WITH BV FOR A LONG LONG TIME. IT STOPPED ONCE I DISCONTINUED ALLOWING MY HUSBAND TO GIVE ME ORAL SEX. I PRAYED A LOT FOR HELP AND I SWEAR, GOD HELPED ME. Get treated and don’t allow your husbands/boyfriends to go down on you. See if that makes a difference. The mouth is teeming with bacteria.

  • Lala

    I think it doesn’t cure you. My doctor said that cure your BV and then cure your yeast then once you’re cured and you have no symptoms take these ph pills to keep
    the body balanced so the problem doesn’t accrue again. These pills are for maintaining the good health not curing the problem.

  • kesha

    True, I agree 100%

  • LG

    For the record, I got a free sample of rePhresh Pro-B. I was searching the internet for side effects before putting one in my body. This is the dark corner of the internet I was led to…

  • LG

    If you read her bio she kind of glosses over the fact she has an incurable STD. Let’s see, dirty girl starts having unprotected teen sex, catches genital warts by 22…has a lifetime of nasty bacterial and fungus problems, then can’t follow simple directions on a bottle. (Dare I wonder if she gave her prescriptions the same effort?) Yeah, I don’t think I’m taking advice from her. NASTY.

  • Mary

    You didnt take them long enough and you weren’t even consistent in what the directions clearly say to do. You need to take the daily , everyday, for at least 30 days to see any real significant improvement. I dont think its fair to do a review on a product that you really didnt use accordingly to the directions.

  • disqus_gdXOkV0JK1

    Help!!! I have been fighting bv for years I’ve tried everything. I just bought pro b refresh pills,if this don’t work I don’t know what to do. Is there something else I can try.