Monistat 1 Day Ovule Review

monistat 1 day ovule

Yeast infections are an inconvenience in many ways. First there are the symptoms and then there is the unpleasant treatment. The treatment is usually very messy and worst of all, you typically have 7 days worth of treatment. That means 7 days of having clumps of cream coming out of you. Monistat attempts to put an end to this with their 1 day ovule. All you have to do is put small egg looking thing, which they call an ovule, into the applicator. Then lie on your back or squat standing up and insert one. That’s it. Just one time. Granted, it may still take a week for the yeast infection to completely clear up, but you only have to do it one time. The ovule itself, is a great idea, it’s much less messy. You don’t have to fumble with inserting tubes of cream into the applicator. Also, it feels better to have the tiny ovule inserted as apposed to a couple of inches worth of cream.

I very much wanted to like Monistat 1 Day Ovule. If only treating my yeast infections could be that simple. I inserted the ovule in the evening before bed. I woke up a few hours later from an intense burning sensation. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a hand held mirror to take a peak at what was going on down there. My entire vulva area was swollen. My clitoris was so swollen it was sticking out well beyond the lips of my vagina. I freaked out. I was in so much pain I first ran cool water over it and then resulted to using a towel wrapped in ice. I didn’t go to work the next day because it hurt too bad to put underwear or pants on and it was still incredibly swollen. Sitting in a chair was even uncomfortable. It also burned and itched like crazy. After about a day, I decided to go for a natural treatment of yogurt. That seemed to calm things down.

I’m not the only one who has had an experience like this using the 1 day ovule. My gynecologist told me some people just can’t handle the high dose of medicine and therefore it produces an allergic reaction. I’ve read several reviews online from people who experienced the exact same reaction to Monistat 1 Day Ovule as I did. I have also read a couple of reviews from people who loved it and had no reaction to it. The only problem is, there is no way to know whether or not your vagina can handle it unless you try it. If you have ever had any kind of reaction before from using products in or around your vagina, I would steer clear of this product. I’m OK using the 7 day Monistat treatment and even the 3 day Monistat treatment with no signs of irritation. If you are one of the lucky ones who can do the one day treatment, it can be purchased at drugstores, grocery stores, super stores, and online. It is a little more expensive than the 3 or 7 day treatments. It costs between $16 and $18.

monistat 1 reviews(Rated 1/5 Stars)

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  • Abby

    Hi, how long did the clitoris swelling and such take to calm down? I’ve used Monistat 1 before, but this has never happened to me….not sure why it did this time, but I’m experiencing some symptoms similar to you. Not as excruciating, just very very sensitive and a bit swollen! What kind of yogurt? And did you just apply it straight on or how does that work?
    Thanks so much anyone who can help!

  • mrs LeBron

    Me too OMG and I’ve taken this before with great results .in reading this, some say that even though it’s one takes a week to heal =(

  • molly

    I just dropped my face on the floor if I only knew what I know now I would have left it on the shelf 20 mins after inserting the egg I almost crapped myself from the itching and burning oh and don’t forget about the extreme swelling I’m 33 years old and I had to go get in bed with my mom because it hurt so bad and I didn’t know what to do I cried and moaned and cried again its been about an hour and a half and now I feel fine if u can get over the first hour your good to go after that. But if your not a pain fighter I don’t recommend Trying this.

  • Bonnie

    I’ve been looking for a review like this for the past week ! I just took the monistat 1 ovule yesterday morning and had a similar experience: the itching and burning while urination cleared up, but still am swollen down there and still a discharge and a light but constant itch. I’m only on my second day of using the anti fungal cream monistat supplied but am thinking that it is actually keeping it raw and swollen and maybe just soap and water will kill the swelling. I’ve been eating two yogurts a day, would be very curious to see how yours turned out. I don’t think monistat 1 is the worst choice for me personally, but I don’t want it to be a waste of money and certainly not a waste of time ! Just hoping by tomorrow it will have cleared up a bit more so I can stop worrying !

  • Robino0219

    Ok I was on amoxicillin for a few days from a ear infection then got a uti wtf… And put me on bactrim guess what got a YI so sucks no clumpy cheese like stuff white cloudy discharge and itching so I go pick up Monistat 1 took at 8 this morning now three the itching has subsided 80% just feel a light burn sensation but is tolerable so I would say so far so good keeping my fingers crossed :0)

  • Kindra

    After taking antibiotics from being sick, i started feeling itchy in my vag area so the next day i went and picked up monistat 1 ovule. I read these reviews before taking then and was extreamly scared to do it but i really needed it done and after paying 16 bucks i didnt want to waste it. So anyways i did it and about a half hour after i felt a little warm sensation down there but it wasnt anything unbearable at all!! I woke up today and feel sooooo much better. I still have a lil YI but its nothin like it was. Im sure it will be fully gone in a few days. Def will use this next time i get a YI. Love it love it love it!!

  • shannon

    Just endured the unholy trinity of monistat 1 last night(burning,swelling,pain) within 1 hour of insertion my vaginal area was so painful,swollen beyond belief and a burning that was so dreadful was hotter than satan’s secretary!if you are a self loathing masochist go ahead and buy this stuff.If not,steer clear ladies!Consider yourself warned.I could have beat my vulva with a meat cleaver and experienced less pain than that one day ovule caused me.NEVER AGAIN!

  • sunshines

    I was recently experiencing my second yeast infection that was brought on by a round of antibiotics. My first YI was a ton of itching with no discharge. This time it was mildly itching with a lot of discharge but it wasn’t cottage cheese like. I took the antibiotics because my doctor did a full std screening and although I came back completely clean, she said I did have a little bit of inflammation.Tried the 7 day monistat for the first one and found it completely inconvenient so I decided to go with the 1 day ovule this time. I had the warm sensation like everyone else stated. The discharge stopped but it’s about 3 days later and I still have mild itching in and around my clitoris. I also noticed that in my clitoral hood it looks raw in a few spots. Wasn’t sure if that was from the monistat 1 or not. I also have the cream that came with the pack and I have been using it but I think I will stop using it and just stick to soap and water to see if that helps. Also started eating a lot more yogurt.

  • Claire

    My first yeast infection started about a week ago. I didn’t realize what it was at first because I never had anything like it before – the horrible never-ending itching. Once I figured out what it was, went to a drug store, picked up Monistat 1 Day Ovule because 1. it was on sale 2. I wanted results asap. Within maybe half an hour of inserting the ovule all the itching completely disappeared. I was astonished. It’s been four days and I still have a bit of itching now and then, but it’s mild and periodical. I went to check out reviews today out of pure curiosity and was very surprised to find all these women suffering from such strong allergic reactions to the medicine. Gotta research before use next time around! Overall though, very happy with Monistat 1 Ovule.

  • corinne

    I currently have a YI, that was totally unbearable. Itching like crazy, my vagina was RAW, red, swollen, hot, and felt like it had a pulse. I would sleep with no pants or underwear on, spread eagle on my back, because the cieling fan made it feel better. Everytime I went to the bathroom, I had to put cold water on it, and once, even considered shoving an ice cube up there. The itching irritated it so much that the skin was becoming somewhat chaffed and began to bleed, a bit. I bought and used Monists 1, and honestly didn’t expect it to work. That was 2 days ago, and the symptoms of the YI, I’d say, are about 95% gone. I woke the next day after using it, and felt SO relieved. It stopped itching! It still burns a bit, but it’s NOTHING compared to the pain I experienced from the initial infection. I honestly feel it going away, and I guess I’m one of the lucky ones to say that Monistat 1 DEFINATELY helped me. Using the anti-itch cream that the combination pack came with, also helped a WHOLE LOT, as well. I am SO relieved.

  • Alyssa

    Okay used Monistat 1 at 11:00 last night it’s now 9:00 the next morning. And nothing has changed. This sucks! I hope something happens in the next few hours. I wish i would have went with the 3 day!

  • Jennifer

    After finishing a course of 500 mg of penicillin for 7 days I found myself experiencing my first yeast infection at the age of 25. Omg. It was like a mosquito bite. One scratch just wasn’t enough. I ended up at the drug store where I purchased monistat 1. I used it as the directions stated and then proceeded to Google and found this site. Boy, I was really worried after reading some of the comments. There was some discomfort of course and a warm sensation as others have stated but nothing unbearable. I went to bed, woke up this morning and everything seems normal. Haven’t had an itch or anything besides a little discharge. But as far as discomfort and itching i would say I’m outta the woods. This product worked great for me….

  • Sarah

    It’s like hell betwixt my legs. I used it before with no incident. I shall not be using it again!

  • Michele

    I’m 32, had a UTI and went on antibiotics, UTI cleared up and I ended up with a YI. I went to the doctor and she gave me 2 diflucan tablets and nada, tried the yogurt trick (both eating it and inserting) and still nothing. Went through a 3 day of clotrimazole and still it itched!I had blood when I wiped but no “cheesy” discharge with an unholy itching. I stopped at Walmart on the way home and picked up the Monistat 1 ovule and inserted it as soon as I got home- then I read the reviews. I was worried that it was going to make me want to claw my bits off.

    But, I waited- half hour, an hour and no pain. I went to bed and woke up this morning feeling SO much better!! I know some women have adverse reactions but I seemed to have none. I did feel a warm and tingly sensation but it was no worse than the itching I had going before.

    Now, it’s been about 20 hours and I feel about 90% better.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 17 and experiencing my first yeast infection. I’ve actually kept it under pretty good control with hot towel compresses and washing the area with some hydrogen peroxide. Doing these things helped but it certainly didn’t cure it. I stopped off at the store before school and bought Monistat 1. I only inverted the ovule and didn’t use the cream. I suspect I should have because for about 30monuets I was squirming in my seat from the tingling as it dissolved. Once it disolved I was perfectly fine. The tingle was nothing like the itching I’ve been dealing with and of the sourness and driness. I’ve only been on the treatment for about 7 hours but I’ve noticed a 70% improvement. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones to not have such a bad reaction too it. If you’ve been sensitive to medications in the past I wouldn’t recommend it because I can imagine the allergic reaction associated with it. But if you think you will be ok with such a high dosage I certainly recommend it because after those very short 30 minuets I felt so much relief.

  • Anonymous

    All of the reviews (which I read AFTER using, for some reason) made me nervous, along with the fact that after using it last night, I woke up SO ITCHY I could hardly stand it. But natural remedies like yogurt and coconut oil, while soothing, were not making the infection go away. Perhaps I was just impatient, but I just couldn’t wait any longer and used Monistat 1. After taking a few ibuprofen, the slight swelling and crazy itching have gone away and I feel much better. The skin is no longer tender like it was before either, and the burning has virtually disappeared. I would definitely recommend reading reviews and talking to your doctor before using it though, I could easily have stumbled into an awful reaction like many have described. For people seeking a more natural alternative, I would recommend EVCO. It helps external itching and you can spoon some into 5-inch squares of plastic wrap, roll into a bullet shape, freeze, and use as a suppository.

  • jeri

    I really wish that I had done the research before purchasing and using Monistat 1. I have never in life experienced such pain and hitching and fire is an understatement when trying to describe the burning!!! The swelling and inflamation was so bad that I thought my vagina was closing up. I ended up calling the doctor (after locking the office door at work and placing a zip lock bag of ice between my legs and massaging for relief!!!) She gsve me a prescription for Diflucan. This madness us just subsiding after hell week in my pantries!!!! This product SUCKS!!!!!!!

  • kiki

    I have developed allergic reactions like mentioned…a dose of allergy meds like claratin wrks wonders! I take a claratin at the same time as the suppository.

  • So good so far

    Almost into three hours of the Monistat 1 treatment. This is only the 2nd YI I’ve had in my life. This time though, antibiotics weren’t the culprit. The first time I had one I used the Monistat as well and had great results, although I don’t remember if it was the 3 day or 1 day. Not quite sure what caused this one, but I had tried a lesser generic treatment 4 days ago and it still seemed to be lingering. Had one intense burning sensation, I could actually feel the ovule sliding down some. It didn’t come out though and the feeling left as quickly as it had came. There’s also an AZO brand yeast preventative that will help keep your ph balanced that you can take along with topical/ovule/creams.

  • SO MAD

    Like many of you I also took the 1 day monistat. Holy hell, what a nightmare. I had the infection after taking antibiotics and by yesterday at around 3 I felt it clearing up. Still, with the weekend approaching I wanted to make sure it was cleared up so I could fully enjoy my days off so naturally I thought the 1 day would go over well. I took it at 4 pm on Friday and by 7 my vagina had a freaking pulse it was throbbing so hard! It became incredibly swollen and sensitive, Nothing can touch it without me wincing in pain, not even the lightest cotton. So thanks monistat!! I am now completely miserable, cannot move, and will probably spend my weekend on the couch. A warning label would have been fantastic!

  • Pain in Texas

    I had the same reaction: swelling, throbbing, pain, peeling! Ugh!

  • lis

    Hello guys,

    So this 3 days i been in terrible pain, iching and discomfort in my vagina. So i decided to go and purchase monistant 1 today i just insert it the little egg around 30 minutes ago, so far i can only feel the medecine working well i hope it does work. , but tge pain is noy over the top so far i still can handle it from 1 -10 i hive iy a 3 is not thay baf on my case.

  • Steph

    I have used the 1 day ovule before without any problems but this is my second time using it and holy crap, can’t sleep!!! So itchy and painful! Tried to finger it out of me, that didn’t work. I think I’m going to try to douche it out πŸ™

  • 2ndGoRound

    I already with you ladies, the monistat 1 gave me a horrible experience. The next day after using it my vajayjay was irritated even more, it started itching as well. I felt it swelling and throbbing. I tried using the cream to calm it down but it didnt last long. I then rushed to the liquor store to buy the monistat 3 pack and it feels a lot better. Still not totally cleared up yet but hopefully it will be in a few days πŸ™ SMH, the things us Women go through!

  • Anonymous12

    I used the ovule and starting reading on it after I had already done it. All the reviews freaked me out. I did experience the warm sensation. It did not burn just felt warm. After putting it in before bed i woke up waaaaay better! No itching at all! I still feel the warm sensation but that’s it. hopefully the warm situation will go away.

  • munch

    I somehow managed to miss the allergic-reaction bus on this one. I’m 17 and dealing with my first infection. It was really, really bad a few weeks ago (during finals, natch), then sort of died down, but didn’t go away. I’ve got just a tiny bit of itching and the occasional mild burning sensation here and there, but apparently a little bit of that is supposed to happen. It’s been only 10 hours since insertion and I’m noticing some pleasant changes.

    So not everyone has a horrific reaction: my womanhood looks as healthy as ever, and it’s feeling better, too. Hopefully it’ll clear up fully over the next week or so.

  • abc123doremi

    So, the monistat 1 is the most horrible idea ever. I’m crying and wincing in pain as I talk to my boyfriend on the phone because I cannot sleep. It seriously feels like napalm to the vagina!! Monistat 1 is the most HORRIBLE CREATION EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I am in so much pain. My poor poor VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH!!!! LIKE WTF OH MY GOD OWWWWWWIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!! πŸ™ DO NOT TAKE THIS. EVER.

  • 123

    monistat 1 sorry

  • 123

    just wondering how long you ladies waiting to go pee after inserting the monistat 7? and how long did it burn for?

  • BetterGetBetter

    i wish i wouldve known about the high rate of allergic reactions before i went to the drugstore; i wouldnt be wincing in pain as im sitting typing this. i just cant wait for it be be done with, definitely wouldve gone with the less dosage of the 3 day treatment.

  • pretty_p

    I HATE THE 1 DAY OVULE i am currently on the treatment and it has been about 2 days and i am in extreme pain. the vaginal swelling calms down after a shower for a while but once i use the restroom all hell brakes loose. i have never been is sooo much pain down there in my life. i dont think i can take a week of this. if i would have known that the one day ovule was 7 days of medication in one I WOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN IT. my poor vajayjay is needs extreme help right now!!!!!!

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  • Rach

    I am 16, and believe it or not, i believe i have a yeast infection, and my mom thinks the same. Although she has never had one, me and her do differ completely when it comes to our menstrual cycle. She got me Monistat 1, and i read some reviews after i had already taken the ovule and applied cream… it scared because i thought i was going to get nothing but bad results. I dont know if i was swollen down there before i used it or not, but i was swollen but no other symptoms occured. Thank god it was just once. I continue to use the cream, in hopes that it will help the redness and itchiness go away, considering i already bought the pack, why not use it. I hope im not making a terrible mistake. But if it doesnt clear up in the next week, im going to the doctor for the first time for something like this. I’ve never had a doctor examin my body before, so its kinda scary. I dont know what to expect. Any advice…?