Vagisil Screening Kit Review

Vagisil Screening Kit

Let’s face it; there’s not anything much more embarrassing than going to the doctor because you’re itchy or you smell down there. I know too well the feeling of shame associated with the thought of discussing your hygiene with a stranger – especially if you’re like me and don’t have a regular OB or family doctor. Thankfully, the big manufacturers understand this as well and are now providing us women with products to help us demystify common symptoms. The Vagisil Screening Kit is supposed to do exactly just that; let you know if you have a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis or any other kind of similar infection. Continue reading…

No Sex

Lots has been going on in my life lately, and it’s interesting how I always seem to make some kind of vaginal health experiment out of the various situations life throws at me. My most recent situation is going through a divorce, so I guess I won’t be writing about having sex anytime soon. It does however give me a unique perspective on how not having sex affects the frequency of UTI and yeast flare ups. My husband and I have been separated for about a month as of today. Since the sex stopped, I’ve found that I can be much more lenient on my diet as far as carbs are concerned. I had pizza one day, and some cookies yesterday. I’ve also been having alcohol a few times a week. In the old days, these are things that would normally cause a UTI or yeast infection flare up when I was having sex a few times a week. I guess that’s one of the benefits of my situation.

Now I’m most certainly not suggesting anyone stop having sex, if you get it on a regular basis. By all means, please enjoy it. I am however suggesting that if the situation arises where you’re no longer having sex (such as myself), you may want to experiment with giving yourself a carby or sugary treat. (But as I always say, everyone is different.)  I don’t think I’d ever go back to a high carb diet because I must admit I do have more energy when keeping my carbs and sugar low. In the mean time, I will allow myself a treat now and again.My vagina has felt very healthy. I’m still taking TheraCran, AZO Yeast, and Vitamin C. I’ve reduced my use of Rephresh to just the week after my period, since I’m trying to cut back on expenses lately. The once a month dose of Rephresh seems to be working out well for me, and oddly enough I’m not getting the clumps when I use it once a month. That really surprised me.

On another note, masturbating alone doesn’t seem to contribute to the frequency of flare ups either. Then again, I’m not using some giant dildo. For all of you ladies out there who are squeamish about the idea of masturbating, you’re totally missing out. There are so many benefits to it. I can’t think of a reason not to do it.  Masturbating really helps you to learn about yourself. Anyway, with that said, if you are one of those who pleases yourself from time to time or even every day, the same hygiene rules apply as they do for regular sexual activity. Make sure you wash your hands before you start, and also wash any toys once finished. Provide propper lubrication. If you’re sensing some friction, grab some lube. When you’re done, pee, and rinse your vagina off with water. You may even want to drink a glass or two of water to help flush out any bacteria that may have made its way into your vagina. If you’re curious about the benefits of masturbation (other than the obvious), as well as techniques. You can check out a site I came across, Love Life Plus. Enjoy!

Feelin’ Good

I know in the past few months I’ve fallen off the wagon a time or two. Since going off birth control, dealing with PMS cravings has been quite a challenge. I’ve managed to avoid the real sugar stuff, but I was not able to stay away from the artificial sweeteners. The carbsmart ice cream bars really saved me from going for the real thing. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately, which I find helps a great deal. For one, it’s quite relaxing and the act of cooking fresh delicious food steers my mind into a healthy direction. My favorite for this week are these super thick bone-in pork chops. I’m not the best cook, but these seem to come out tasty each time. I just put a little olive oil in a pan heated to medium and sprinkle a little of this stuff called Old World seasoning that I picked up at one of those shops filled with different types of seasonings. They take about 10 or 15 minutes to cook. I also made cooked carrots for the first time. I’ve been keeping my carbs low during the day, so I’ve been able to have some of the higher carb tasty veggies in the evening. I bought a bunch of carrots from the store that still have the leafy greens attached. I cut them up and put them in a pan with 4tbs of water and 2tbs of butter.

Vagisil Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes Review

Vagisil Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes are medicated individually wrapped wipes. They help relieve exterior vaginal itching and burning. The wipes have an odor blocking formula and are flush-able.  These wipes are useful for vaginal itching associated with yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, as well as itching caused by clothing or chafing. The wipes do not cure or treat a vaginal infection and should never be inserted into the vagina. They are however very helpful during treatment for yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. Vagisil Anti-Itch Wipes can be used in conjunction with yeast infection suppositories/creams. Check with your doctor first before using them with treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

I began using Vagisil Anti-Itch Wipes when I started getting yeast infections after my period ended every month. I used them in conjunction with the 7 day suppository treatment. They are also great for anal itching. Some women experience itching around the anus during a yeast infection in addition to vaginal itching. Just be sure to either use separate wipes for the anus and vagina area or wipe from front to back with the wipe. My doctor later prescribed Diflucan to be taken once a month at the end of my period. Although this seemed to help keep the infections away, I still experienced an itching sensation for a few days at the end of my period. I continued to use the wipes because of this and they provided much relief. They are discrete and easy to carry. I found they soothed the itching and burning sensation immediately, and I never experienced any irritation. Usually towards the end of my period the odor down there is stronger and the wipes also helped with that. Once I stopped having yeast infections, I didn’t use the wipes for a while. Then one day I was experiencing some chafing in the vaginal area due to sex, and I bought the wipes again. I wasn’t sure if they’d work on this type of iritation, but they did. This is a wonderful product. You don’t have to deal with the mess of an external anti-itch cream.

I’ve heard of some people using these every day, but I would be hesitant to do this simply because I don’t like the idea of using something medicated on my vaginal area every day. The active ingredient is Pramoxine Hydrochloride, which is a topical anesthetic. My only concern would be that it might become less affective, if used every day. Experiencing vaginal itching on a daily basis is a sign of an underlying condition. It’s best to seek the advice of a doctor if this is the case.

Vagisil Anti-Itch Medicated Wipes cost between $6 and $7 for a box of 12 individually wrapped wipes. I consider that reasonably priced, considering they’re medicated and provide such great relief. You can purchase these wipes online or in the feminine hygiene section of most drugstores, grocery stores, and superstores.

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Vagisil Screening Kit Review

The Vagisil Screening Kit helps you determine whether or not you have a yeast infection or something else. It says on the box that it is not to be  used for diagnosis but may be helpful when discussing your symptoms and pH with your doctor. Although it says this, most people, including myself, use this product and don’t visit the doctor unless the results say it could be something other than a yeast infection. The kit comes with 2 pH wands along with a guide to match your color to a pH which then matches what type of infection you may have. Only touch the wand by the thick end. Do not touch the end where the circles are because this end will be inserted into the vagina to get your pH reading. If you touch it, it may interfere with your results.

Next, insert the thin end of the wand into the vagina and press against the vaginal wall for 5 seconds. Then take the wand out and compare the circle to the colors on the pH sheet. pH levels vary from 4.5 to 7.5.  A reading higher than 5.0 may be a sign of a trichomonosis or bacterial vaginosis infection and you need to make an appointment with your Gynecologist. These types of vaginal infections must be treated with a prescription. A pH level of 4.5 indicates you may have a yeast infection, if you have symptoms of itching, burning, and cottage cheese like discharge. If you have had a yeast infection before, then you may proceed with over the counter treatment. The wand should not be used during your period or just after having sex. Wait at least 5 days after your period, and 48 hours after sex. A new wand must be used every time you test.

I purchased this product because the previous month I had been treated for a bacterial infection, and I wanted to make sure the symptoms I was experiencing were caused by a yeast infection and not another bacterial infection. The test strips were easy to use and reassured me it was a yeast infection. I proceeded with a yeast treatment, which was successful. I have not purchased this product again because I haven’t had symptoms of an infection. It can be purchased at most U.S. Food, Drug, and Mass Merchandise stores in the feminine hygiene section and costs about $15-$20. Vagisil Screening Kits are a little pricey, but I would use it to save myself an unneeded trip to the Gyno just to find out I have a yeast infection I can treat myself.

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