Naturalamb Condom Review

Naturalamb condoms are non-latex condoms, made by Trojan, designed to prevent pregnancy. They are great for those in a committed relationship who are not concerned about STDs. They are made from the intestinal membrane of a lamb and have been around for ages. These condoms are not an effective preventative measure against STDs. Studies have proven that the tinny pores in lambskin condoms are not large enough for sperm to pass through, but are large enough for HIV and possibly other STDs to pass through. If you are in a committed relationship and are not a vegetarian, you may want to give Naturalamb condoms a try.

My husband seemed to like the fit and feel of the Naturalamb condoms much better than the polyurethane condoms. For me, it’s as close to not using a condom as you can get. It feels very natural and does not cause any irritation whatsoever. I also like the lubricant on the condom. It isn’t sticky and the condom doesn’t dry out quickly. If you like additional lubrication, both oil based and water based work with Naturalamb condoms (I prefer water based). Some people complain about the smell of the condom. They do have¬† a somewhat odd smell, but it isn’t nearly as strong or unpleasant as latex. Most of the time I don’t smell it. The only time I get a whiff of the smell is if my face is for some reason particularly close to the condom. I don’t smell it at all during sex. So far we haven’t experienced any problems with the condom breaking or sliding off, even after lengthy or rough sex sessions.

Naturalamb condoms are much pricier in comparison to latex or even polyurethane condoms (you’ll pay at least $20 for a box of 12). They are more expensive to make due to the fact that they are made from lamb intestine membranes. Depending on how often you have sex, the price of these condoms can really put a dent in your wallet. Some couples alternate between lambskin condoms and a cheaper condom to save money. We use Naturalamb all the time because it’s hard to go back once you get used to the barely there feeling.

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