To Shave or Not to Shave

We’re talking about pubic hair here, in case you didn’t catch my little phrase. In today’s time, shaving your pubic hair seems to be the norm. All the nude pictures running around on the internet show a shaved vagina, so it’s no wonder people think it’s the norm. Don’t feel left out if you’re still choosing to go natural. There are many benefits of both and either way you choose, you are not alone. Some opt for a completely shaved look, while others may just shave the bottom half near the vagina entrance and up to the area surrounding the clitoris. Others may shave some type of design or have a racing stripe running down to the clitoris. Obviously, what you do with your pubic hair is a personal preference. There are several different options for removal. Shaving  is probably the least painful but must be done at least once a week or else it will start to itch. Waxing lasts longer but is a little painful. Hair remover creams can sometimes irritate the area. Laser hair removal I’ve heard is extremely painful but definitely gives you long term results. There are many reasons for shaving. Some people feel cleaner or sexier when they are shaved down there. You don’t have to worry about pubes poking out when you wear a bathing suit. Shaving also makes the area more sensitive and some feel they get aroused more quickly. Many women also feel more comfortable receiving oral sex while shaved down there.

Personally I have been down both paths. In my early teens I sported the full on bush.  I could have cared less what I looked like down there. Then my high school sweetheart suggested I shave my pubic hair. I was surprised, a little confused, and quite scared to try it. I barely touched myself down there washing in the shower, and now I was about to go on uncharted territory with a razor. The idea of shaving had never even crossed my mind before. I decided to give it a try though. I trimmed with scissors first, and then shaved with shaving cream and a cheap disposable razor. I cut myself several times. I also got really bad razor burn. It hurt to put pants on. I didn’t try shaving again until college. For the remainder of high school I  sported a neatly trimmed bush. When I shaved in college, it seemed to work out fine. No razor burn. I had learned the tricks of the trade. I invested in a decent razor, Mach 3. I always shaved with the grain, never against. I’ve heard of some girls shaving against the grain to get the closest shave, but my area was always way too sensitive to shave against the grain. Most of the time I shaved in the shower and always with shaving cream. The warm water and steam helps loosen and soften the hair and gives you a better shave with less irritation.  I continued shaving until about a year after I was married. I decided to just let it grow. Once you start shaving, sometimes it’s hard to stop because you know you’ll have to bear the growing out itchy stage.

One of the reasons I let it grow was because I read some where that your pubic hair actually does serve a purpose. For one, it is said to better retain secretions that make your partner more sexually attracted to you. Since growing it out, I have noticed a slightly stronger vaginal scent. It’s the same scent as always, so it doesn’t stink, but I just smell it more. When I was shaved, and I stuck my fingers between the top lips and then smelled my finger, the scent was very faint. If I do it now, the smell is more prevalent. Pubic hair also acts as a protector against friction during sex. After sex, my pubic area was sometimes red from all the rubbing on bare skin. The area above the clitoris was especially red. The big selling point on going full on fur was that pubic hair helps keep bacteria from entering the vagina. Any bacteria that would normally go into the vagina while shaved, gets stuck to the pubic hair and is washed away when you shower. Pubic hair can help prevent unnecessary infection by trapping bacteria. I decided since I had such a history of recurring yeast infections and urinary tract infections, it might be wise to let it all grow. In addition, often times the methods used to remove all of the pubic hair can upset the pH balance of the vagina. Particularly shaving cream, shaving soap, and hair removal creams can all upset the pH in the vagina. These products come in very close contact to the vagina opening when you choose to go completely bare. This may not bother the average person, but for people like myself, it can aggravate the vagina and throw your pH out of whack, which  can invite infection.

Maintenance down there is now a breeze. There aren’t really any detailed instructions for growing out your pubic hair–just let it grow. Some may want to do a little housekeeping down there once in a while. I try to keep mine fairly tidy. About once a week I shave the sides with a mach 3 razor. I do this simply because I wear bikini style underwear, and I don’t want my pubes sticking out. Once a month, I run a beard clipper on a number 3 setting over all of my pubic hair. I like to keep my hair long enough to pull on but not long enough to braid. I save a lot of money on razors now that I’m not shaving the whole thing bare. One more thing I will add, sex feels better. Rough sex no longer irritates the outer pubic area. If you experience recurring infections, you might want to try going au natural down there.