RepHresh Review

Rephresh gel review

RepHresh Review: White Clumps Be Damned!

RepHresh Gel does several things. It gives you lubrication during sex, restores the vagina’s natural moisture and helps balance the PH in the vagina. An unbalanced PH can cause vaginal odor, and make you more prone to vaginal infections (yeast, bacterial, etc.) RepHresh comes in a pre-filled applicator in gel form, so you don’t have to deal with the mess of a cream. The applicator is simple to use. With clean hands, unwrap the package and shake the applicator a few times to help get the RepHresh heading towards the end of the tube. Shake it like you would a thermometer. Next, you twist the little cap off at the thin end of the applicator. You may be able to see tiny bit of RepHresh seeping out the end. Then you grasp the applicator by the thick end and either lie on your back with your legs up or stand and slightly squat. Insert the applicator into the vagina as far as it is comfortable and squeeze the thick end of the applicator to release the RepHresh in to the vagina. Then you thrown the applicator away and go about your business, whether it be sleeping or starting your day.

I swear by this product. I stopped using Replens because I found RepHresh. I use RepHresh Gel every three days as directed. I prefer to use mine at bed time, just because I feel it’s more effective that way. Although I think that is just a habit from all the yeast medicines I’ve been on because they always say use them at night. Others prefer to use it when they wake up, or just before a shower, so it’s really just personal preference. I wouldn’t recommend doing your application of RepHresh right before your getting ready to have sex. I’ve found it to be a little too gooey when done right before you have sex. Right after sex is OK, but I prefer to wait a few hours after sex if my husband has ejaculated inside of me. It works great with other lubricants as well, if you need additional lubrication during sex. For the first month or so, you may experience some residue from the RepHresh in your underwear and during sex. I did. It looks like white clumps and is usually only noticeable on the day after my application. Once I got on a regular schedule of using it every three days for about a month, I didn’t have the residue anymore. They say it is dead skin sells from your vagina. RepHresh recommends that if it still continues after a month or so, then maybe try going longer between each application.

I would not recommend using RepHresh Gel during your period. It will just cause the blood to come out in clumps and make a big mess. I usually use RepHresh a few days before the start of my period and a day or two after my period has completely stopped. The main selling point for me with RepHresh is the fact that if I feel slightly itchy down there like there may possibly be a yeast infection coming on, RepHresh seems to take care of it. This is especially helpful for me right after my period when I am most prone to yeast infections. It also seems to help when my bladder feels irritated like I might be getting a urinary tract infection. RepHresh has done wonders for me. I really feel like it helps keep the vaginal infections at bay.

It’s also safe to use during oral sex. It doesn’t contain spermicides, so it shouldn’t be used as a method of birth control. Also, it should not be used to treat an existing vaginal infection. It’s more of a preventative measure. It can be purchased at most drugstores as well as places like Wal-Mart and Target and is usually in the section with pads, tampons, yeast creams, pregnancy tests, etc. RepHresh costs around $18.99 for a box, which comes with 4 pre-filled applicators. A little pricey, but well worth it. I prefer to buy mine online. It seems to be cheaper online and some places also offer free shipping. Plus, I prefer the privacy of having it shipped.

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