Going off Birth Control

I’ve been off birth control for about two months now. I had been on some form of birth control for the past ten years–primarily the pill. I made the decision to go off birth control because I was really getting tired of all the side effects. I felt it was seriously affecting my sex drive and contributing to my vaginal dryness, plus the headaches. During the first month of going off birth control my sex drive increased like crazy. I was pretty much horny every waking moment. Of course this made my husband very happy. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of me going off the pill in the first place, but once he realized my sex drive was going through the roof he started to love the idea of no birth control pills. My vagina was much much wetter. I couldn’t believe the difference.

My first period came right on schedule. It was pretty normal compared to what I was used to while on the pill. It was a day or two shorter. My PMS cravings were worse, but I didn’t have super sore breasts like I did on the pill. After my period, my sex drive seemed to have tapered off some and I wasn’t quite as wet (still wetter than when I was on the pill).  Since I stopped taking the pill, I also don’t have those horrible headaches I once had. This month’s period came on schedule, but was not a normal period. I still had strong PMS cravings. Once my period started, the first and second day were heavy. Then I was spotting for a day or two and then it disappeared.  Once it disappeared, my sex drive seemed to perk up. We’ll see how this month goes. So far it looks like the pill was making me dryer as well as affecting my sex drive. I read that it can take up to a year for your periods to become normal. So far my experience hasn’t been bad. I’ve read horror stories of people going off the pill and having irregular periods or bleeding for long periods of time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!