Cleaning “Down There”

This is one of those things most women are never taught to do. They just clean it like they would any other part of their body by scrubbing it with soap. If you’re not exactly sure how to clean down there, chances are, you’re too embarrassed to ask. For the longest time I scrubbed my vagina with soap and water. I thought if I didn’t do this, then it would stink down there. Gynecologists usually don’t bring up the “how to clean down there” unless you are having chronic yeast infections or unless you ask. We all know we’re not supposed to douche, but we don’t all know that it’s probably not the best idea to go scrubbing away with antibacterial soap in the most sensitive area of our body.

Through much research and discussions with various gynecologists and of course through my own trial and error, I discovered the vagina is really a self cleaning organ. You don’t need regular soap or special “feminine” soap to keep it clean. The best way to keep the vagina clean is to rinse the entrance to the vagina with water and also spread the vulva lips at the top of the vagina and rinse off any bacteria that may be harboring in there . I have a shower head that can be detached, so I just spray her off every time I take a shower on a low spray setting. I also rinse my anus and the space between the vagina and anus. This should be done daily. If you have sex, you should also rinse the vagina off after sex. Some gynecologists recommend rinsing off before sex, but not everyone makes time for that. It’s more important to rinse after sex as apposed to before, if you don’t have time for both.

In the past I have used summers eve. Some people can use a mild feminine soap like this one without any problems. If you are prone to infections, it is best to use just water because that’s really all you need. Perfumed soaps can cause the PH in your vagina to become unbalanced and make you more prone to  infections.