Can I Get a Pad?

Can I get a pad? Just one sanitary napkin? I find myself asking this question every month when mother nature comes knocking. Why, you ask, do I have this constant dilemma? The answer is simple; I am the mother of a teenage girl. Teenage girls are notorious for using up feminine hygiene products and not telling anyone until they need them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that pads are the only thing they leave their mothers high and un-dry with. From disposable razors to tampons, if it is made for women they are going to use it up and not think twice about it.

This lack of pads and other feminine hygiene products is in no way related my ability to stock a bathroom cabinet. Each time I go shopping for these items I seem to buy more and more of them. I have bought them in bulk. I have bought one package and got the other one free. Somehow none of this matters, the more I put into the cabinet the more seem to disappear. It leaves me to wonder what she does with all these things. How can she possibly be using so many? Is there a black hole under my sink, or a pad stealing gnome?

Let me break it down for you. Like most women my age I have a pretty firm grasp on when I get my period each month. That being said, I am not a rocket scientist; I can’t predict the exact moment it will happen. Inevitably this leaves me in the same scenario each month. A day or two before I am due to get my period I check the cabinet and see pads. A day or two later when it comes a knocking I swing open the cabinet door only to see an empty bag.

Getting back to the question at hand, where are all the pads going? Is she giving them to the poor? Passing them out at school like party favors? Using them for arts and crafts? I decided to become a detective last month and I happened upon a few interesting discoveries. I found several unopened pads on her bedroom floor. However, that only accounted for some of my missing stash, so I pressed forward with my search. A good portion were recovered from a old purses and suitcases.

Is my daughter a hoarder of feminine hygiene products? Unlikely, if I am being honest I can remember my mother complaining to me that I went through too many pads and tampons each month. It is my belief that teens simply feel less secure in their ability to judge their feminine hygiene needs, so they take the “better safe than sorry” approach to stocking their suitcases and purses when they will be away from home. Plus, let’s face it most of them are too wrapped up in their own lives to think about putting back what they don’t end up using. Does this put the pads back under the sink where they belong? No, but at least I know where to look for them.