Trojan Supra Condom Review

Trojan Supra condoms are non latex condoms made from a material called polyurethane. Many people choose to use polyurethane condoms if they have a latex allergy. They are super thin and because of this, they transmit natural body heat much better than latex condoms. Although thin, they are also strong. Some people without a latex allergy choose to use polyurethane condoms because they feel more natural than latex condoms. Polyurethane condoms are compatible with water-based lubricants and oil based lubricants. This is an added benefit because latex condoms are not compatible with oil based lubricants.

Latex condoms were never really much of an option for me because I am allergic. Although, it did take me a little while to figure out I was allergic. Since I’ve been married, I haven’t used condoms–until recently. I decided to go off birth control and we’re not ready for babies yet, so we decided to give condoms a whirl. I will first mention that it is not clear whether or not polyurethane condoms are effective against preventing STDs. On the Supra package it states that testing is still being done to determine how effective they are against preventing STDs. Some websites say they are effective at protecting against STDs but not as effective as latex condoms. Although my husband and I don’t have to worry about STDs, I thought it might be worth mentioning. Maybe someone out there knows for sure whether or not they effectively prevent STDs. They do effectively prevent pregnancy, when used correctly.

I liked the polyurethane condoms ok. They weren’t great, but they weren’t horrible. They didn’t smell like anything, which was nice. They also didn’t cause any type of allergic reaction. It used to be difficult to find polyurethane condoms without the spermicidal lubricant nonoxynol-9, but now they’re pretty easy to find. The Trojan Supras I bought didn’t have it. I specifically looked for ones without it because I’m allergic to nonoxynol-9.  My biggest complaint with these condoms is they dry out too fast even when using lube. Once they get dried out it feels like rubber inside me. The Trojan Supras feel better than latex (from what I remember), but you can still tell they are there. I could really tell the condom was there when I was on top. I just couldn’t seem to reach orgasm while being on top and using this condom. The only way I can explain it is, it just didn’t feel right.

My husband complained that they were too tight. He is well endowed but not to the point where I would say he is huge. The condom literally looked like it was cutting off the circulation on his penis. I know condoms are supposed to fit very snug but this was just ridiculous. I’ve read other reviews and many complained about the Trojan Supra condoms being too tight. We didn’t finish the box because our lambskin condoms came in. My lambskin review should be coming soon. Trojan Supra condoms are more expensive than latex but not as expensive as lambskin condoms. I bought online because I prefer a little privacy. They were about $23 for an 18 pack.

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2 Weeks Without Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Alcohols

Today marks two weeks of having no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols in my diet. It really did get easier day after day. Although my little experiment was some what hindered by my few days on antibiotics, I still feel there are legitimate results to report. Below are the things I experienced.

  • Better sleep at night.
  • More energy during the day.
  • Not hungry at all in between meal times.
  • Less headaches.
  • No cravings for sweet stuff after day 3.
  • Better concentration.
  • Slight weight loss.
  • Less gas and bloating.

For the first two nights, I fell asleep really early, which is very unusual for me. By night three, I was back to my normal sleep routine but was able to wake up easier in the morning. During the day, I felt more energized and also didn’t feel hungry in between meals. Some mornings I wouldn’t even eat breakfast because I just wasn’t hungry. The first 3 days, I still craved something sweet, especially after a meal. After day three, the sweet cravings were completely gone. I even made it through Valentine’s Day without cravings. My mother in-law brought over several different types of sugar free chocolates. She knows I don’t eat sugar but didn’t know about my two week ban of artificial sweetener and sugar alcohols. Normally I would have been so excited to try new kinds of sugar free chocolate that I would eat a couple right away. Instead, I thanked her, and once she left, I put them away in the cabinet and forgot they were even there.

I also experienced significantly less headaches. I always have sinus problems so there’s no way I’d go two weeks without a single headache, but I didn’t get a headache daily like I normally do. Instead, I had one or two a week. In addition, my concentration was better. Typically I have serious problems concentrating for long periods of time. Usually I’m constantly getting up every hour or so to get a snack or find a piece of gum, so I’m thinking the increase in concentration is due to less distractions by food. I was what I would call an obsessive gum chewer. I used to be a smoker, and I believe chewing gum took the place of smoking. Without the sweet cravings, I don’t seem to have the urge to chew gum. I’ve lost about 4lbs over the past two weeks. I’m not eating as much, and I’m eating more vegetables. I’ve found it’s a lot easier to keep my daily carb count low when you eliminate artificially sweetened things. Many of the snacks I used to enjoy had about 5-10 carbs per serving. Finally, I’ve experienced less gas and bloating. Most people know that artificial sweeteners and most certainly sugar alcohols can cause gas and bloating. However, I wasn’t aware of the extent–mostly the bloating. Even though I’ve only lost 4lbs, my stomach looks like I lost more because all of the bloating is gone.

In conclusion, I can definately say I was addicted to artificial sweeteners/sugar alcohols, and I feel much healthier not having them in my diet. I wish I could say it fixed the irritation (by iritation I mean feeling like a yeast infection is coming on) I felt after my period, but I had to take antibiotics for a UTI. The irritation could have been from the antibiotics. I plan to stick with the ban on artificial sweeteners/sugar alcohols for as long as I can because I feel much better. I’m sure I won’t ban them for life, but they will definately not be a part of my diet on a daily basis like they were before. I’ll give you an update on my results after my next period. One more thing I wanted to mention was the amount of money I saved on groceries. My grocery bill was on average $20 cheaper a week without all the prepackaged snacks and ingredients to make my own artificially sweetened snacks.

Condoms and Yeast Infections

I thought I would write a post dealing with condoms and yeast infections because many people don’t know there can be a correlation between the two. In some cases, condoms can cause yeast infections, and in other cases, condoms can actually prevent yeast infections. I’ll first talk about how they can prevent yeast infections. Semen can neutralize the pH in the vagina. It has to temporarily, in order to survive and make it’s way to fertilize an egg. If you have sex often, the semen can alter the pH in the vagina for more than just temporarily. The vagina operates best when the pH levels are more acidic. If the semen has had a significant impact on your pH level, this could cause a yeast infection. Obviously, if you use condoms, the semen never makes it’s way into the vagina. In addition, condoms are also great for preventing bacteria from entering the vagina. Let’s say your partner hasn’t showered in a day and he didn’t wash his penis off (Gross I know, but it happens.) before having sex. If you don’t use a condom, all of the germs and bacteria that could be on his penis will then be inserted all the way into your vagina. If he uses a condom, some of the germs may get on the outside of your vagina, but they won’t get on the inside where the condom is protecting. In general, condoms make for cleaner sex and much easier clean-up for the woman.

On the other hand, there are certain instances where condoms can cause a yeast infection. One instance is if you are allergic to the condom itself. Many people have a latex allergy. Cases of people allergic to latex can range from minor to severe. Minor meaning, after repeated use an irritation occurs, and severe meaning hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing occur immediately after contact. People who are severely allergic know it, but those who are are only slightly allergic may not be aware of their allergy. Someone who is slightly allergic may experience a burning, swelling, or irritated sensation in the vagina after condom use. It may not happen after just one use but repeated use may cause these symptoms. The allergic reaction can definitely upset the pH in the vagina and give you a yeast infection. If you are allergic to latex, try switching to a polyurethane condom. You can also try lambskin condoms. I will warn you about lambskin condoms; they DO NOT offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Another way condoms can give you a yeast infection is if the lubricant on the condom contains nonoxynol-9–a spermicide that is said to kill the HIV virus. Studies have show a link between nonoxynol-9 and yeast infections as well as urinary tract infections. Many condom makers no longer use nonoxynol-9. It’s easy to find condoms that don’t contain this spermicide. Another instance where a condom can cause a yeast infection is if you are allergic to the lubricant on the condom. Also, some lubricants contain glycerin. Often times people who are prone to yeast infections cannot use lubricants containing glycerin because it gives them a yeast infection. In this situation, you can look for a condom with a different lubricant or buy a non lubricated condom and use your own water based lubricant. If the glycerin is the problem, then find a non-glycerin lubricant. The answers to your yeast infection problems could be as simple as changing the type of condom you use.

UTI Symptoms Came Back

Looks like my combination of things didn’t work perfectly. At around 4pm yesterday I started getting a pain down there, and when I peed, it hurt at the beginning. I decided to go ahead and take the Ciprofloxacin. Sometimes UTI symptoms can disappear, but the infection is still there. I didn’t want to risk the infection spreading. The last thing I want is a kidney infection. I’m just hoping I don’t get a yeast infection thanks to the antibiotics. This just goes to show that fighting recurring yeast infections and urinary tract infections is indeed an on going journey. A frustrating journey for sure but one I will continue on. What have I learned from this UTI episode? Maybe I shouldn’t have rough sex towards the end of my period. I usually don’t have sex until my period is completely over, mostly because it’s irritated down there and I feel I might get a yeast infection if I have sex at that particular time. This time though, everything felt great down there and I was crediting it to my ban of artificial sweeteners in my diet.

This oh so annoying UTI episode also shows me that it is indeed a combination of things that keep the infections at bay. A good diet isn’t enough for me; I have to do all the other little things in perfect unison to keep the infections away. I do feel much better this morning. There is no pain at all when I pee. I think I will take one Ciprofloxacin pill this morning in addition to my normal pill routine of TheraCran and Azo Yeast and then that will be it for me. As far as the yeast infection, well I don’t have one yet. I’m taking 3 Azo Yeast pills a day this week because I feel a little irritated down there, but nothing that isn’t normal the week after my period. There goes my little experiment with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. I don’t know if eliminating them from my diet helped the irritation the week after my period or not because the irritation I’m feeling could be from the antibiotics. I’m still going to meet my two week goal of not having them in my diet.

UTI Alert

Well this morning was not a good morning when I woke up. First, I had a dream that I had a yeast infection. Then I woke up having to pee really bad, but I also had this unpleasant warm sensation in my bladder region. I went to pee and felt a slight pain at the end of my stream, which let me know this could be the beginning of a urinary tract infection (UTI). I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. Right after I peed, I still felt like I had to pee–not a good sign. I held off on trying to pee again because I knew it was just the sneaky UTI trying to trick me into thinking I had to pee when I really didn’t–only to cause me pain. I drank water all morning and took two TheraCran cranberry pills and two Azo Yeast pills. I peed a steady stream about 30 mins after I drank 2 big glasses of water. I then drank two more. I was really trying my best not to take the Ciprofloxacin my urologist gave me for UTI flare ups. I didn’t want the antibiotic to stir up a yeast infection.

I couldn’t believe this was happening, especially when I’ve been super good with my diet and I haven’t had  any artificial sweeteners in a week. The only thing I can think of is I recently stopped taking my birth control. I was supposed to start my new pack Sunday, but decided I wanted to try being off of birth control for a while because I hate all the side effects. I really just want to see if it helps my sex drive any and whether or not it will restore some of the moisture down there. My husband and I had sex on Saturday (Valentine’s Day), and we used a condom since I’m not on the pill. We used a polyurathane one (I’m allergic to latex) that doesn’t contain any spermicide stuff. We had rougher longer sex than usual and it was also the end of my period. I’m thinking maybe the combination of the two triggered the darn UTI symptoms. I felt fine on Sunday.

After my fourth glass of water today, I decided to take a nice long warm shower. I peed before my shower and it hurt some. After my shower I decided I would put Rephresh in. It was time to do it anyway, and I was hoping the Rephresh might balance out the pH inside of there and help keep a full blown UTI at bay. I took a nap after that and woke up about two hours later. When I peed this time, it felt better. I didn’t feel any pain. Maybe I won’t have to take the antibiotics after all. If I don’t, I’m not sure who to give the credit to–Rephresh, Cranberry pills, the good bacteria in the Azo Yeast, or the four large glasses of water I drank. It could have been a combination of them all. Whatever it was, I am glad to be feeling better. I think I’ll give things down there a rest for a day or two and also up my daily water intake by a glass or two.