Flagyl Review

Flagyl, also known as Metronidazole is an antibiotic used to treat certain parasites and anaerobic bacteria. It was prescribed to me by my gynecologist to treat what they thought was bacterial vaginosis (BV), also referred to as a bacterial infection. Side effects of Flagyl can include, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, a metallic taste, and rash. It should be stored at room temperature and away from light. Do not drink alcohol while taking Flagyl or for 3 days after taking it. It can cause severe vomiting, nausea, cramps, flushing, headaches, vaginal itching and discharge.

I was given the extended release Flagyl. For the extended release form of medicine, it should be taken at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating a meal. The pills should not be broken or crushed. Breaking the pill will make too much of the drug release at one time. I took the pills as directed, although it was a little bit of a challenge to take the pills 1 hour before and 2 hours after eating. I experienced a metallic taste in my mouth. About 2 days into my medicine I developed a really bad yeast infection. I’m not talking about just a regular yeast infection. I’m taking about the yeast infection of all yeast infections–red, raw, swollen. I was directed to finish my medicine and then they put me on more medicine for the yeast infection.

A lot of people have reported getting a yeast infection from taking Flagyl. My doctor did not warn me about this, nor was there a label on the medicine stating this. With some antibiotics, such as penicillin, there is a warning stating it may cause a yeast infection. It took several doses of yeast infection medicine for me to get some relief. Flagyl was not a pleasant experience for me.

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Diflucan Review

Diflucan, also known as Fluconazole, is typically prescribed to treat infections caused by candida. This includes yeast infections, urinary tract infections, throat infections, and pneumonia. It is usually in pill for and prescribed as a one time dose and sometimes in multiple doses. The medicine should be taken with a full glass of water. Some of the side effects may include: nausea, headache, dizziness, unusual or unpleasant taste in your mouth, indigestion, or itching of the skin.

My gynecologist prescribed Diflucan on two different occasions. The first time, was to treat a full blown yeast infection that seemed to be reoccurring every month. She prescribed two doses. If I wasn’t feeling better with-in 3 days after the first dose, I was to take the second dose. I ended up taking both doses because I was not better after 3 days. The infection seemed to clear up after the second dose but was back again with-in a week. The second time my gyno gave me Diflucan, it was after my yeast infection had finally cleared up. Typically I would get them the week after my period, so I was instructed to take one Diflucan towards the end of my period to prevent one from occurring. This seemed to work. I did this for about 4 months. Once my 4 months was up, I felt one coming on the following month towards the end of my period and that’s when I made the changes to my diet. Doctors say often times Diflucan medicine is not strong enough to work for everyone. Obviously it didn’t work for me when I had a full blown yeast infection, but it did help prevent them when I felt one coming on. It didn’t prevent them permanently–only for the time I was taking the medication. Some of the side effects I experienced were itching of the skin, dizziness, and unusual taste in my mouth. I didn’t really feel like eating much with the strange taste in my mouth.

There are a number of sites online claiming you can buy Diflucan without a prescription. Personally, I would not trust any of these sites and would only take Diflucan if I had a prescription from my doctor. Continued use of yeast infection medicines can cause your body to become immune to them. Sometimes women think they have a yeast infection, when they really have a bacterial infection. It is always best to consult with your doctor first before using any type of prescription strength medicine, especially if it is a reoccurring problem. For my Diflucan prescription, I think I paid a couple of dollars for one pill and that was with insurance covering 70%, so it is fairly inexpensive.

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Nature Made Vitamin C 1000mg Review

Vitamin C has many great benefits. It’s primary role is to build collagen, which is the main protein matter of the human body that holds tissues together in skin, bone and teeth. Vitamin C is also an important part of the immune system. It can help your body fight illness and can sometimes even help prevent you from getting sick. I started taking vitamin C to strengthen my immune system. Since a stronger immune system can help fight infection, I figured it would help in preventing urinary tract infections and yeast infections. Usually I get sick several times during the year. For the past year, I have only been sick with a cold once. The one time I was sick, I recovered very quickly and my cold symptoms were not as severe as they have been in the past, prior to taking vitamin C supplements. I also didn’t have any UTI or yeast infections.

I chose Nature Made vitamin C because they were the only 1,000 milligram Vitamin C pills I found in the drugstore. I wanted to take a high dose of vitamin C without having to swallow two pills. I take it as directed, once a day with a meal. They are rather large pills and you must swallow them right away or you get a gross taste in your mouth. It beats having to add an extra pill to my routine. It is recommended that you take the pills with food. It helps with your body’s absorbtion of vitamin c. Natures Made Vitamin C 1000mg can be found in most drugstores as well as places like Target. It can also be found online as well. Typically it costs about $8, but sometimes you can find it cheaper.

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TheraCran Review

TheraCran is a cranberry supplement made by Theralogix. Cranberries help prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder, which can prevent a Urinary Tract Infection from occurring. TheraCran is the strongest cranberry supplement on the market. My urologist recommended it to help keep the UTIs at bay, once I finally went off the antibiotics. I think the pill is much better than drinking cranberry juice. I never had much success drinking cranberry juice to prevent UTIs. I think that is probably because of the high sugar content of cranberry juice. It’s also much easier to take to 2 pills a day than to drink two glasses of cranberry juice every day. Plus, if you travel from time to time, it’s easier to pack a couple of pills as apposed to searching for the right kind of cranberry juice every where you go. The pills save you money as well.

I take one TheraCran pill twice a day as directed. I have been taking TheraCran for over year and have been UTI free during that period of time. From time to time, I miss a  pill or two. If I do this, and have not been super strict with my low sugar diet, my bladder starts to feel irritated. I drink lots of water and resume my normal pill schedule, and the feeling goes away. These pills do not treat a Urinary Tract Infection, only antibiotics can do that if you have a full blown UTI. They are a great prevention tool and have worked well for me. The pills are in capsule form and are pretty easy to swallow. They also don’t have to be taken with food because they don’t cause any stomach upset. I usually take mine with a glass of water. I’ve tried many different brands of cranberry pills and TheraCran is by far the best. The pills cost about $35 for a 60 day supply. Well worth the cost and again, cheaper than buying all that juice. You can buy them online directly from the TheraCran site or from the Theralogix site.

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Candistroy Review

Candistroy is a two part system to help eliminate yeast overgrowth. It consists of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herbs in addition to a probiotic. One bottle of the two part system is labeled “Candistroyer”. Candistroyer contains a natural substance called Tannates. It is supposed to bind to bad fungus in your body and make them ineffective. The second part of the system is called the “Probiotic Rebuilder”.  It contains lactobacillus acidophilus BT1386 and Bifido bacteriaI, which help create a healthy balance of bacteria. A healthy balance of bacteria is an important part of having a healthy yeast free vagina. The two products also say they are both shelf stable, which means you are getting a potent product. Often times products, especially ones containing lactobacullus acidophilus, are not very potent by the time they make it into your grocery bag. Candistroy ensures potent products.

I decided to try Candistroy in the place of AZO yeast. The product suggests you start slowly and work your way up to more pills, otherwise, you may experience severe die off symptoms. Die off symptoms may include flu like symptoms, as well as an increase in itching down there. Recommended dose is as follows: week 1: take 1 tablet of each product with breakfast and dinner. Week 2: increase to 2 tablets of each product with breakfast and dinner. Week 3 up to 6 months: increase to 3 tablets of each with breakfast and dinner.

There are a couple of problems I had with Candistroy. For one, I experienced very severe die off symptoms. I took as directed and even stayed on the week 1 dose for two weeks because the die off was so bad. I literally felt like I had the flu. I felt hot, nauseous, stuffed up, and had a bad sore throat. I also had white looking stuff in my stools, which I assumed was all the yeast being flushed out. I lost a lot of weight while on these pills, and I felt horrible. I also felt a lot of itching down there. I stuck it out though, thinking it would get better. Eventually the die off symptoms subsided. The second problem I had was that once you get to the maximum recommended dose, you are taking 12 pills a day. These aren’t small pills either. I only stayed on Candistroy until I finished the two bottles because I just couldn’t deal with taking that many pills. Plus it didn’t seem to work as well as AZO Yeast.

Many people say they felt much more energetic and completely yeast free after finishing the two bottles, but it didn’t do that for me. It didn’t seem to fight off the itchiness towards the end of my period very quickly (the time I’m most prone to yeast infections). I most certainly didn’t feel very energized.  It’s also expensive, $24 for the two part system and it won’t last a full month taking the maximum dose. I guess the only good thing about this system is that you go on for 6 months and then you get to go a couple of months without taking anything. Many people gave this product great reviews and that is why I tried it. It just didn’t work as well for me, and I absolutely cannot deal with taking 12 large pills a day.

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