VH Essentials BV Treatment Review

vh essentials bv treatment

Before I get into my review of VH Essentials BV Treatment, let me give you a little background. The first time I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis, I was quite surprised. Not only had I never heard of this but nobody was able to tell me what caused it and how I could avoid this infection in the future. I took my antibiotics exactly as I was told – 2 caplets of Flagyl for 7 days. I happened to be on my period during that week, so I had no idea if the discharge was actually getting any better as I took the antibiotics. However, once I was done with both my period and the antibiotics, I quickly realized that nothing had really changed. I was still stuck with the same excessive discharge and just didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t painful and it wasn’t smelly – maybe it was just normal? But then I remembered what life was like before I noticed that discharge; before I had to wear a pantyliner everyday. This discharge wasn’t normal and I had to do something about it.

VH Essentials BV Treatment claims to be a natural solution to treat BV.

I did a lot of Internet research. I looked up Bacterial Vaginosis on every medical website I could find trying to pinpoint a cause or more symptoms that maybe I hadn’t noticed. Finally, I came across a few reviews of a product called VH Essentials BV Treatment. It claimed to be a natural product to get rid of BV without the use of antibiotics and without the shame of going back to your doctor to get a new prescription. I decided that I simply had to give it a try and started looking up local drugstores to see who carried that product. This wasn’t an easy feat – most stores stated that it was possible to order it through the website, but I wanted to have the product right now and try it out right away. I finally found it at a nearby CVS and went right over to purchase it. The price is quite steep at $24.99. At this price, I was certainly hoping it would work.


The Product

VH Essentials BV Treatment comes in a small cardboard box (as all feminine hygiene products do!) and includes 6 inserts, very similar to the ones you’d be using to fight a yeast infection. You need to use one insert, preferably before bed since you’ll be in a horizontal position, every day for 6 days or until symptoms disappear (according to the instructions, you can go over 6 days or stop before all your inserts are gone). The procedure is pretty straight forward and it’s easy to use for everyone.


My Experience

I could still feel something “leaking” and had to use a liner

I really can’t say that I had such a great experience with VH Essentials. First of all, once you use the first insert you’ll want to make sure that you have a good reserve of liners or pads close by. Even though I inserted the first caplet before going to bed and was laying down horizontally, I could still feel something “leaking” and had to use a liner while using this product. After a few days, I started noticing white clumps, similarly to what happens when you use any kind of inserts (may it be RePhresh, or anything to fight yeast infections) so I mistakingly thought that the product was working and the white clumps were just the infection leaving my body.

I used VH Essentials BV Treatment for the whole 6 days – no more, no less. I was stuck with white clumps a few days beyond those 6 days of treatment, which certainly wasn’t pleasant, but I thought the clumps meant it was working. Turns out it didn’t, and I was stuck with my discharge once again.


VH Essentials BV Treatment: The Verdict

Would I recommend this product? No. I tried it, used it exactly as stated in the instructions during the exact amount of days suggested and nothing seemed to do it. The white clumps were probably just the inserts and nothing more; I suffered through a horrible week of inserts, clumps and just plain discomfort for nothing.

I don’t know if it’s because the product is natural – I’ve never really tried anything natural in the past and never really thought this kind of remedy would work – but it really didn’t do anything for me and I certainly will not be repurchasing.

After 6 days of wasting my time, I was now back on the Internet trying to find other remedies to cure my unwanted discharge and ended up trying the RepHresh Pro-B Pills. Read all about that experience here!

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  • Ashley

    I am a virgin woman at 33 years old. However, I deal occasionally at times with bacterial vaginitis myself. In some cases even virgins deal with this ailment that is like dealing with occurance of sinus infections or bronchitis. I am so far giving VH Essentials Vaginal Discharge treatment and the product with cranberry with probiotics/prebiotics taken once daily. Also having to deal with an bladder infection (cystitis), too. It seems that many women with pale or light skin are very prone to having imbalances of healthy and unhealthy bacteria either a BV or yeast infection. I was prescribed clindamycin vaginal cream and Bactrim but still had symptoms when antibiotic therapy was completed.

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  • Yovanna Vasquez

    I’ve been having white discharge and sometimes it smells I’ve used several medications and it has not helped at all so now I’m using bv for first time and right now I’m having white clear discharge and alittle irration, is this normal? Does it mean it’s working? Or what do you guys recommend? Help anyone?

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  • Jackie

    I have had BV for years, it’s been misdiagnosed as trich, yeast, and I’ve been told that after tens of doses of antibiotics that it’s something I was going to have to deal with. This shit was gross, too, there’s a smell, it’s uncomfortable, I lose all sexual confidence when it flares. This is the only product that ever knocked it out of me. I had a reaction after a couple of days, discontinued use, and did a sits bath in diluted betadine to relieve the discomfort from the reaction if had. After a few days, the horrible reaction cleared AND SO DID THE BV SYMPTOMS! I’m sorry this didn’t work for you, but it fixed something horrible and embarrassing I had been stuck with for years, and the reaction was worth it. I haven’t had BV symptoms for two years since using this.

  • Taylor

    What happened when I had BV was my prescribed antibiotics got rid of it BUT gave me a yeast infection. So I got some yeast infection medicine and the I was back to normal. Sounds like that’s what happened with this lady. So of course vh essentials for BV won’t help a yeast infection.

  • Angel

    As if now I’m just trying Alkaline water. I basically tryed anything u can name if it is safe.

  • Angel

    Hello I have had bv for years I have I Antibiotics from the doc and after 7 day treatment I still have it u also have white clumps I no for a fact that happens only after I use the Suppositories then I get white clumps .

  • TruthHurtz

    I’m a sufferer of BV and I’m finally trying this product. I have discharge and itching inside the vag- not a lot but a little- my discharge is usually a white kinda creamy looking discharge .
    I think in this blog, the woman stated her discharge was clumpy After starting in this product.
    Last night I took 1/2 a dose as recommended and this morning I felt crampy- minor sure if its caused by this or not.
    I’m also taking the tablets as well.. I’m hoping SOMETHING works.. I haven’t had sex with my husband cause every time I do I get BV

  • A

    I have recurring BV and was looking for reviews on this product. I’m pretty positive you don’t have it if you just had white clumps. The antibiotics may have cleared you up and you may have used this product for no reason?

  • Denise

    Sweetie, u do not have BV BV is when u have a foul, smelly or unpleasant odor, white to grayish discharge n irritation of the vaginal area. U say u have clumpy dishcharge with not smell,,, that sounds like a yeast infection to me. Go back to ur doc or go to a diff doc n get sum blood tests done on u. Anyone readin this make sure of ur symptoms before u treat urself or at least do more research.

  • ST

    Thanks for sharing your experience.